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Randy Lee
President and CEO

Randy Lee Randy started this company in 1984 with his father, Curtis F. Lee. After driving his own truck from 1972 to 1977 and then dispatching for Harold Ives Transportation from 1977 to 1984, Lee Truck Broker was formed. In 2008, after his father retired, Randy became the sole owner and president of the company and its affiliates. Randy's extensive understanding of the trucking industry comes from over 40 years of experience. He's been involved in the transportation industry in both the good times and the bad, and has continued to have a positive presence in the market despite periodic recessions in the economy. If fact, he still dispatches today!

Randy has, at one time or another, been responsible for the movement of every type of product hauled over the road. Shipments ranging from extremely time sensitive government contracts and disaster relief, to tradeshow exhibits that can often tie up a driver for weeks; from the freshest produce and poultry to waste materials destined for the incinerator. His experience in logistics is vast enough to give insight to any team member in need of advice! Randy has trained numerous men and women over the years, including our current management team. Many customers and carriers believe Randy's experience is what sets Lee Truck Broker apart from its competitors.

Randy is a sold-out born again Christian, who trusts in Jesus Christ for his Salvation and day to day guidance. He is dedicated to serve God with this business, as well as with his personal life.

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